November 1, 2012

So, this is my code log.  This is here so I don’t lose track of coding ideas and techniques.  If anyone else finds them useful, bonus.  If not, I still know where to go to find what I need.  I have no idea how frequently I will put things here.  No commitment to language or style or much of anything.  Frankly, I’m starting this with just one slightly complex example.  It took me weeks to add all of this functionality to an app I’ve built for my day job.  It took a couple of days to turn it into a demo version with no intellectual property from my employer.  But I think it was worth it.  Because, I know I will use this stuff again. And maybe someone else might find it useful.

I’ve been asked if I do custom work. The short answer is, ‘Yes’. I’m currently working projects that involve jQuery front ends against back ends written in PHP and Perl, and which work with technologies including MySQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), CFengine, Infoblox DNS/DHCP, VM Ware and others. Feel free to contact me via this blog if you have any need for custom work relating to any of those technologies, or similar ones.